Technology Trends To Look Out For

As we all know, technology is an ever changing and always evolving thing that constantly updates every year. Two years down the line the new technologies of now might become mainstream that has spread everywhere. The pace of development never seems to stop as we constantly get new and updated technologies every year ranging from autonomous cars to lab-grown edible meat. Here are just a few technology trends we think you should watch out for and get invested in to.

Technology 5g

1) 5G Technology

As most of you already know, 5G is the next generation of mobile internet connection and it will offer much faster download and upload data speeds for extremely low latency and response times. However, 5G wireless networks are also opening up the doors for business and companies to design and manufacture other technologies that incorporate 5G into their products.

Autonomous Vehicles that have 5G technology built within them will allow near instantaneous communication with other vehicles and allow the vehicle to read live traffic and map data to provide an even smoother and safer ride. Drone technology will be improved upon as swarms of drones can communicate with each other even faster to serve multiple sectors such as drone delivery services, traffic monitoring, combating natural disasters and more. 5G is the main technology that will lay out the groundwork for future technologies to come.

2) Edge Computing

As of right now, an extremely large percentage of companies around the world rely on the existing infrastructure, hosting, and compute power of a very small group of cloud providers which are Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft. Edge Computing looks to overcome that issue as it is computing that is done at or near the source of the data. Instead of relying on the cloud at one of data centers that you work with to do all the work for you. This means you are not going towards the cloud anymore, but instead the cloud is coming towards you.

Edge computing will provide a huge number of improvements to businesses and companies. Speed will get massively increased with the help of this technology as it reduces the amount of latency due to the servers being right next to you. Bandwidth costs and redundant storage solutions are negligible, while privacy and security become greater due to everything being done centrally.

Technology 3

3) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now moving on to the stage with practical usage and value as businesses and corporations start to make use of its full potential and power. From 2020 onwards, we can see how AI will become more powerful as new techniques are developed to allow the AI to more efficiently provide stronger services for companies. There are many trends within the realm of AI itself such as energy-efficient AI, quantum neural networks, machine learning, autonomous vehicles and much more.

The sectors that AI can be utilised in right now is too vast to cover within this short post, but we can cover some sectors. AutoML which enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models to their business needs. Digital workers that will be trained to carry out basic tasks in the office. Process Intelligence will allow businesses to create a visual model of their processes and analyse them in real-time. AI that will be monitoring and improving business processes. Deepfakes becoming more prevalent in the entertainment industry to revive celebrities and help movie production.

4) Extended Reality Will Be Expanding

Extended Reality (XR) is a term used to categorize all the new and emerging technologies that are being used to create new and immersive digital experiences; this includes virtual, augmented and mixed realities. While these technologies have been around for a few years for now, these upcoming years will allow the technology to shine due to improvements in the technology itself. While it is unsurprising to say that gaming is one of biggest markets that this technology is catered to, especially with the soon to be released GeForce 30 series, there are still many areas that Extended Reality is used in.

As the technology improves and becomes more robust, we will see how this technology can be used in various sectors. One great way that Extended Reality is being used already is to provide training for many workers. It can provide simulation training for workers that perform dangerous tasks and train them without involving any of the risks associated with the task itself. It can also allow doctors to practice high risk surgeries without an actual patient. This technology is one to look out for as it advances in these upcoming years.

Technology 4

5) 3D Printing In Assorted Sectors

While 3D printing itself has been around for many years and has many various different techniques for the process itself, it has only recently expanded into sectors such as medicine, food and more. Biodegradable polymers can also be 3D printed which opens many doors in circular manufacturing processes as the parts that are printed can be reused over and over before degrading into the environment safely.

In regards to the medical sector, 3D printing has been used to create custom-made advanced prosthetics to help patients. However, it can also be used to create tissues and organs, surgical tools, and also recreate patient-surgical models for doctors to practice on! While the medical field has seen great advancements from 3D printing, there are other sectors such as the automotive, architectural, aerospace and fashion industries that have all seen more use of 3D printing to create complex and specific prints for use in their products. Future advancements in the technology will allow cheaper and more robust prints that could help even more industries!

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