Dissemination and Exploitation: What are the best activities for you?

Taking the time to decide what type of activities that you should go for in your dissemination and exploitation plans is extremely important.  A simple way to differentiate the activities that should be done for these two is by looking at their basic definitions. To disseminate is to share and to exploit is to use.  Before planning for the activity that best fits your project, it would be best to understand a few more things about dissemination and exploitation.

The importance of D&E should not be taken lightly as they are one of the pillars for your project’s success. They are not only an obligation for projects funded under Horizon 2020, but they can also help improve awareness of your research and attract potential customers.

Knowing what can you can disseminate and exploit from your own project is also vital. You can, for example, disseminate the results you get and then exploit the final product or approach you created, but you can not do anything with experience or skill gained within your project.

From the information presented above, you should now think about what type of D&E activities you would like to pursue for your company. The activities that you choose are completely dependant on the project that you are working on.

PMO-Horizon2020 dissemination Activities

Dissemination Activities:

  • Creating a Website
  • Creating Multiple Videos
  • Using CORDIS to share project results
  • Publication of Scientific Papers and Books
  • Hosting Research Seminars
  • Hosting user or stakeholder dialogues
  • Updating Project Page with your findings
  • Updating Social Media accounts with results

Exploitation Activities:

  • Using your results for further research activities
  • Creating and providing a service
  • Focus on the IP of your products (Copywrite | Patent | Trademark)
  • Hosting workshops
  • Developing, creating or marketing your product
  • Using the results in standardization activities
  • Creating testing protocols that others can use
PMO Horizon2020 Exploitation Activities

If you require any help choosing your dissemination and exploitation activities, PMO Partners also provides consultancy on these issues that you company may be facing.

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