HORIZON 2020 Thematic Areas

There are many fields you can apply in Horizon 2020 program. Funding mechanisms are also different from each other.

Industrial Leadership

€ 17 Billion


•Information and Communication Technologies
Space Technologies
Advanced Materials
Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Access to Risk Finance
Innovation in SMEs

Excellent Science

€ 24,4 Billion


• European Research Council (ERC)
• Marie Sklodowska Curie Scholarships
Research Infrastructures
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

Societal Challenges

€ 29,7 Billion


• Health
Food, Agriculture
• Environment, Climate
Social Sciences

Benefits of HORIZON 2020 for Companies
  • Prepayment opportunity without asking for collateral
  • 100% – 70% project grant support rates
  • Developing new products, processes and technologies
  • Providing highly respected financial support to the planned research
  • Sharing risk in R&D studies
  • Building R&D collaborations with key players and customers
  • Providing access to more information and new markets in a short time
  • To increase competitiveness
  • To develop advanced research skills
  • Providing access to the best infrastructures
  • To support career development
  • To have international and intersectoral roaming opportunities
  • To increase international recognition
  • To gain early access to industrial standards and regulations in target markets, providing competitive advantage.

Our Services within the Scope of Horizon 2020

  • Establishment of National/International collaborations within the scope of project partnerships
  • Preparation of the Horizon2020 financial and technical progress reports
  • Planning of the dissemination and visibility activities of the projects
  • Project Writing and Project Management Trainings
  • Project Development Group Workshops
  • Making of ECAS Portal registrations of EU Funding Programs and creation of the company identities
  • Within the scope of HORIZON2020; Communication, Network, Contracts, Project Review, Integration-Time-Budget Management
  • Preparation of privacy sections in projects
  • Intellectual Property Rights contracts management in projects
  • Establishment of board structures in projects
  • Establishment of stakeholder board structures in projects
  • Management and signing of the Horizon2020 GAP Contracts
  • Carrying out of the company analysis to evaluate the compliance of companies with HORIZON2020 Program
  • Preparation of the project application documents for HORIZON2020 Program and management of application processes

Frequently Asked Questions about Horizon 2020

1. What is the funding source of Horizon 2020 Programs?

A certain amount of funding pool is created by the countries and associate countries included in the program. These rates are determined by negotiations. Fundings collected in a single pool are then distributed within the program.

2. What are the calls to be opened in Horizon 2020 Program?

They are parallel to its thematic areas and are determined by the member countries based on their opinions.

3. Who can apply for open calls in Horizon 2020 Program?

Individual researchers, academicians, universities, research institutions, public institutions and industrial organizations can apply to the program.

Would you like to get detailed information?

You can contact us to get information about Horizon2020 Programs and to benefit from our services.

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