What is the EU Scale Up Training?

PMO’s project management trainings are designed based on the methodology introduced by the Project Management Institute (PMI®️) and consist of 20 modules.

Training Period

4 - 6 Months

Modules Period

3 Hours

Type of Training


Content of EU Scale Up Training

Module 1: What is the EU Integration Project?

Module 2: Cultural Differences – EU Turkey Comparison

Module 3: EU Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

Module 4: EU Project Idea Workshop

Module 5: Network Theory – EU Networks

Module 6: Tools and Techniques of EU Projects

Module 7: Introduction to Project Management and Integration

Module 8: Time Managment in Project Management

Module 9: Intellectual Property Rights Management

Module 10: Challanges of TR Management Type’s with EU

Module 11: Risk Management of EU Projects

Module 12: Financial Management of EU Projects

Module 13: Proposal Writing of EU Projects

Module 14: Product Commercalization in EU Projects

Module 15: Points to Take Into Consideration in Audits

Module 16: Sustainable Development

Module 17: European Green Deal

Module 18: Innovation Economy

Module 20: Literacy of National Economies

Module 19: Economy Literacy